Putting it all together… one room at a time

If you missed the previous post, you can read it here: Putting it all together… one room at a time: The Blue Room (the beach room)

The RedRoom

The RedRoom is the bedroom that I like best.  :-)

First, I found this super awesome antique 4-poster brass bed at Unique Thrift store for only $14.99.  I’m pretty sure that we could have sold tickets (read:  comedy show) to recoup the cost of the bed… because tying it to the roof was quite a sight to behold.  We couldn’t get it into the Ford Explorer (it was already full of good stuff), so we decided it would work to tie it to the roof rack.  Mr. Nifties has an ample supply of packing equipment in every vehicle.  (never know when you might need to strap something to the roof… and this was one of those days!)

Did I mention it was cold out?  Brrrr!  And gloves would have been a good idea!  So, anyway… we eventually got it tied on tight and headed off for home.  The bed is just perfect in the RedRoom (which means, obviously… that it didn’t fall off on the way home.  Yay!)

I found a area rug that was just the right size, shape, color and price!  It was at a different Unique Thrift store, and was also $14.99!  The down comforter and duvet also came from thrift stores.  The little black vintage folding chair was cute as can be and only $5 at a thrift store that mom and I stopped at while picking up pillow top mattress sets found on craigslist.org for $25 per set.  There’s a big stack of pillows on the bed, because 1) it looks cool, and b) there’s a bunk bed and hide-a-bed in the family room right outside the door.  The extra pillows can be kept on the bed in the RedRoom until they are needed elsewhere.

There is an extremely unattractive circuit breaker panel on the wall in the RedRoom. Really ugly!  We found a cute alternative by hanging a set of vintage/shabby chic (the real thing) red shutters over the panel that can be removed when needed to access the panel.   Found the shutters at a garage sale last summer (before we knew about getting the cabin) at a garage sale in Eagle River, WI for an astonishing $2 for the pair.  Sometimes you just know something is awesome, even if you don’t know exactly what you’ll do with it yet.

The curtains are red sheers that I had previously used in my living room at home. The picture over the bed was just perfect, and was given to me by a friend after she had no place for it anymore.

I bought a whole stack of small garbage cans for $1 each (new) at the U of M Reuse Center.  There’s one in each bedroom and scattered around in other rooms.

The best parts of the RedRoom, is the red teddy bear that was handmade by my Grandma Evelyn, and the antique dresser that was refinished for me by my Great Grandma Tina.  We also think that the antique mirror that hangs on the wall above the dresser was original equipment from when Grandma Tina had the cabin.
A few other miscellaneous items complete “the look”.  The small black table that is by the side of the bed was purchased by my daughter long ago at Ikea.  She wasn’t using it anymore, so she donated it to the cause.  The two black lamps were purchased at Goodwill by my mom for $4.99 each (minus the senior citizen discount).  Mom had the lampshades on hand.  The vintage-looking alarm clock was found at Valu Thrift store for $3.99.  My sister commented… Hey, Grandma Tina had one just like that!  (I know!)  lol.

Found the really cute lighthouse night light at a thrift store also for $3.99.  The second lamp is sitting on a black pedestal.  One time, a couple of years ago, I accidentally bought 57 pedestals on a local on-line auction.  I would NOT recommend buying 57 pedesdals, although they have come in handy many times.  I paid $1.18, and sold four of them for $60.  Recycled a few that were broken, gave away a bunch more that I didn’t want (there were several varieties).

Here’s the tally:
$25 – pillow top mattress set
$15 – antique 4-poster bed
$15 – area rug
$  2 – red shutters
$4.99 – lamp (times 2)
$4.99 – round wooden flower/art
$  1 – garbage can
$  8 – down comforter
$  5 – duvet cover
$  3.99 – pillow (times 4)
$  3.99 – alarm clock
$  3.99 – light house night light
$  0  – sheer curtains (on hand)
$  0  – lamp shades (on hand)
$  0 – Ikea table (on hand)
$  0 – black pedestal (on hand)
$  0 – art on wall (gift from friend)
$  0 – red can w/flowers (on hand)
$priceless – Grandma Evelyn’s handmade teddy bear
$priceless – Antique dresser refinished by Grandma Tina
$109.91 – total spent for RedRoom

Random assorted tips for getting good stuff:

1)  Visit thrift stores on their designated sale days.  They often have certain days of the week where they offer discounted prices. You can call ahead to find out what they are.  Some stores also offer coupons.  In our area, Arc Value Village 20% off coupons can be found on the back of Cub Food coupons.  Savers has coupons coming out in the coupon packs that come in the mail ($5 off $25).  Many thrift stores have 50% off sales on President’s day, Memorial day, etc.

2)  Be prepared to haul your treasures home.  Packing straps can really come in handy!

3)  Check your “in stock” items at home to make use of things that you already have.  You might need to get creative to make it work out.  There are lots of great ideas available online on how to re-use and re-cycle

4)  When shopping on online auctions, be cautious to NOT buy 57 pedestals.  ;-)