Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products

(763) 571-5043

7350 Commerce Ln, Minneapolis, MN 55432
This is one place that you will NOT stumble across by accident.  It’s hidden away, about 5 miles north of Hwy 694 off of University Avenue & Osborne Road.

watch for this sign!

They’ve got fancy breads, etc. and prices are good ($1. per loaf, or 3 loafs for $2.50).  Ciabatta rolls are 10 cents apiece.  They have case prices too.  Get a bunch and freeze it!  They accept cash & checks (no credit/debit cards). All sales final. Best to go earlier in the day…by the end of the day there’s not much to choose from. The parent company is Ralcorp Frozen Bakery, but the stuff in the thrift store is not frozen.