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Give parents and kids a fun evening together while reminding them of the joys of reading. They’ll love sharing their favorite stories. So just set-up some chairs in the library, invite guest readers in and before you know it, you’ll have your school’s families reading out of the palm of your hand!
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With our FREE planning kit, a Family Reading Night is easy to host and simple to organize. Online kit materials – download these in a snap!

  • Step-by-step planning guidelines
  • Parent welcome letter
  • Invitation flyer
  • Family Reading Night theme & snack ideas
  • Creative activities that will enhance your event
  • Book ideas for Guest Readers
  • Great Books for kids
  • 8 Ways to Keep Your Child Reading Every Day

Printed materials sent via mail include:

Getting Started Guide
Professionally designed poster and banner to promote your event

Please note: once you sign up to get your kit, you should receive your printed materials in the mail in the next two weeks. But you can download your online materials now!